About Us & FAQs

The Uncharted Spice Company is a small, family run business based in Lancashire's beautiful market town of Chorley. Managed by Roland, originally from Melbourne, this Aussie has a love of spices and good cooking. To create the blends, Roland uses the best spices from around the world to obtain fresh, aromatic, and powerful flavors. With his partner Joanna, a Lancashire native, the company was established in the wet December of 2015.

The philosophy has always been to make the freshest product by small batch grinding to ensure the highest quality spices for your cooking needs. We hope that using some of the world’s finest spices, herbs, chiles, salts, sugars and blends will inspire you to cook more confidently and explore your urge to experiment. 



Are your products gluten and MSG free?

Yes, all our blends are gluten and MSG free. Some manufacturers of spice blends or 'recipe kits' like to bulk out their product with flours and starches that would add gluten to their products, but not us. You can be sure that our blends contain nothing but the highest quality herbs and spices with a little salt and sometimes some sugar thrown in. We only buy our ingredients from reputable, established importers so you can be sure that our products meet the exacting UK food safety regulations.

Are your products vegan?

Absolutely they are. 

Are your products organic?

Whilst we pride ourselves on quality and all natural ingredients in our blends, we can only use organic where we can source it. One day we hope to be able to source all our ingredients organically. 

What makes your products different to similar out there?

Beyond the fact we don't use additives, bulking agents, msg, refined sugars or other nasties, we do try to blend to order wherever possible. This is to ensure our blends are very fresh to optimise their potency and health benefits. 

How 'chilli hot' are the blends?

Our blends have been made for flavour, not heat. Each blend with a chilli component has a different level of heat, but most are mild to medium. All have been road tested on our children. We suggest if you enjoy more heat then add a chilli powder. 

How long will my spices last?

The great thing about dried herbs and spices is that they almost never go off. That said, after some time their flavour and potency will begin to diminish. This is the point from which we set our Best Before dates on our blends, usually 12-18 months from the time when you purchase your spices.

How should I store my spices?

The two biggest factors in the deterioration of a spice's quality are light and air. That's why we sell all our blends in black, resealable pouches. We believe they are the best way to preserve the quality of your product. So keep your spices in their pouches and be sure to squeeze out the excess air before resealing them between uses. We then recommend storing them in a cool, dark and dry spot.

How much should I use?

This all depends on the blend in question, your personal taste preferences and how many people you're planning on feeding. On most of our packets, we provide a rough guide to how much of the blend will be enough for a certain meal. It's usually only around two teaspoons to create a family meal. As we don't bulk out our blends, there's no need to use an entire packet and each should make around four family meals.

Why have my spices gone clumpy?

Some clumping may occur naturally in our spice blends. It is not indicative of spices deteriorating in quality and can simply be broken up before use. Many other big manufacturers counter this by adding anti-caking agents to their blends. Things like sodium ferrocyanide (E535), potassium ferrocyanide (E536) and silicon dioxide (E551). We don't know about you, but we wouldn't want any of this rubbish in our food and we wouldn't put it in yours. Our blends are 100% natural and you can take any sign of clumping as reassurance of their excellent quality.

Can I return an item?

All sales are final. But if your package arrives broken or you aren't completely satisfied, please give us an email info@unchartedspice.co.uk and we will get right back to you.

Do you offer special pricing for bulk orders?

We do! Please email us at info@unchartedspice.co.uk for more information.

When will my item be delivered?

We will make every effort to post orders within two business days. We primarily post via Royal Mail, which takes 1-3 business days. For larger orders we sometimes ship via UPS, which takes up to 7 business days.

How much is delivery? 

Standard delivery is £2.85, but free over £20. Let us know if you need next day delivery. Email us if you are in the PR7 or PR6 area and we can usually provide free local delivery. 

What if my order is a gift?

We can provide a gift note. Please email us at info@unchartedspice.co.uk for more information.